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            We are a global claims management business specialising in the management and administration of all classes of commercial lines claims.

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            How we can help

            With operations spanning the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Canada, the USA and Australia we deliver a centralised, blended claims management solution. 

            We are known for our skill and proven capability in providing volume portfolio management services on a global level that combine sophisticated, bespoke system automation and insurance market and legal sector expertise.

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            Industry experts you can trust

            We’re proud of our reputation for being one of the largest, leading legal businesses working within the insurance sector. We understand the challenges you face and the superior service you require for outsourcing claims to be a success.

            We have built a market-leading team of experts you can trust. The majority of our claims handlers have worked in law firms, brokerages, insurance companies and Lloyd’s syndicates, blending valuable insurance market and legal experience.

            We specialise in the management and administration of all classes of commercial lines claims and have particular expertise in matters concerning Professional Indemnity, General Liability, Property, Directors and Officers/Management Liability, Legal Expenses, Motor, Healthcare, Cyber and Hub/FNOL Bordereaux management.

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            Unrivalled Management Information and IT systems

            We use our own claims management system, Claimsview, to provide clients with real-time access to full electronic files and comprehensive claims data. 

            A client dashboard provides instant graphical analysis on losses according to statistics (such as location and loss code), as well as opportunities to investigate varying data sets (such as year of account or period), access a full electronic file (incorporating incoming and outgoing correspondence, internal referrals and all policy documentation), produce in-depth Management Information, capture SLA and KPI data and assess DWF Claims' conduct objectively.



            We also use EvoNotify, a mobile device crisis management notification tool, for legal privilege, alerting, management logging of an incident/near miss or circumstance. It also enables the distribution of compliance/policy and risk assessments by role/location, to ensure the latest documents are available, read and understood to mitigate risk. 

            Key Facts

            • We log more than 15,000 new claims every year
            • We are managing claims arising from incidents in 67 different countries
            • We are managing claims in 17 different currencies
            • We are currently managing claims with reserves totalling more than GBP 250,000,000

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            Our global Claims locations

            Case Studies


            DWF Resource provides multi-disciplinary legal services teams in a range of legal services, including Commercial, Commercial Litigation, Professional Indemnity, Real Estate and Employment law, as well as business services such as Auditing, Forensic Accounting, Loss adjusters, Claims Handlers, Project Managers and Business Analysts.

            As a part of an award-winning, listed legal business, our experts bring commercial insight and a collaborative approach across a range of sectors, including Insurance, Retail, Food, Hospitality and Financial Services. 

            The Situation

            Our client had a sudden influx of claims on their architects & engineers programs with respect to piling issues/ errors. The client asked for some guidance with respect to the cause of these issues and overall risk management.

            How we helped

            As a first point of notification, we can easily identify developing claims trends. These trends are then reported to Underwriters with a view to assessing risks. 

            We have a bespoke claims system and measures in place to ensure that such trends are handled robustly.  We source the best experts to handle the claims in a streamlined manner.


            With particular reference to piling claims, we took steps to speak to insureds on several claims to identify the underlying problem. Once we identified the common issue, we reported back to our client and provided some guidance and instruction. Early insight into such trends enable us to review strategies in advance so as to prevent a particular trend from growing. In addition, we were able to identify “high risk” programs and regions where such claims were likely to occur.


            Our claims team are well versed in all areas of Professional negligence matters and recognise the need for effective and commercially robust solutions when dealing with disputes. 

            We work closely with DWF Law to deliver tailored solutions which are identified at the outset and throughout the life of matters, ensuring claims costs are kept to a minimum.

            The Situation

            An insured who carried out payroll and accountancy services for law firms notified that their client has been defrauded by a rogue employee. Whilst it was acknowledged the activities were not carried out by the insured's firm, they faced allegations of failing to identify the fraud. It was also suggested that the Insured facilitated the fraud.

            A total £1.7m was claimed. 

            How we helped

            Our claims handler swiftly identified that the insured were not the only party to have provided pay roll and accountancy services during the period in which the fraud took place. On reviewing insured's papers, it was felt that even if the insured were found to have breached their duty, the Claimant's own action/inaction should be challenged.

            Early in to the lifecycle of the matter, DWF Law were instructed to investigate the allegations and redirect the claim, where appropriate, to the other parties involved.


            DWF Law were in agreement and worked in tandem with our Claims team to put forward a robust defence to the claim. The matter progressed toward a mediation involving all the parties, including the insured. 

            Owing to the representations made and the agreed strategy at mediation, we were able to reduce the overall quantum and the insured was able to extricate themselves from the matter with a contribution of only £33,000 against the claimed sum of £1.7m.

            This was an excellent result and showed the importance of early identification of potential strengths and weaknesses.


            Our claims team receive hundreds of food related claims per year.  A significant proportion of those claims stem from food providers, and in turn, a significant proportion of the claims relate to allergens and the risks of customers receiving the wrong order, or simply not being aware that their food contained an allergen. With recent high profile cases showing that allergen cases can have tragic outcomes this is a key area of concern for our clients. 

            The Situation

            Our client, a pan Asian restaurant chain, received a significant number of allergen claims relating to customers receiving food that contained an allergen they were unaware of. Given the type of food served (shellfish) and the risk to both the restaurant and the customer, the insurer and the restaurant chain asked us to intervene.  

            How we helped

            We provided bespoke training to the managers of the restaurants, and suggested that simple changes to their practices could result in a reduction of allergen cases. The restaurant now asks all customers whether they have a food related allergen. If they do, the customer is provided with a red placemat.  Their food choice is then discussed in detail, and checks made that the customer is not allergic to any of the ingredients. The food is placed on a different coloured plate, and again the customer is asked before the food is given to them, that they are not allergic to any of the food on the plate.


            By putting these simple changes in place, the restaurant has reduced its exposure significantly.  If the customer has a red placemat, they should have a yellow plate.  If they don’t, the employees of the restaurant can recognise this immediately.  These changes have reduced the exposure of allergen related cases significantly - so much so, that for the first year in a long time, insurers have offered a reduction in premium at renewal!  More importantly, customers are safe in the knowledge that their food will not cause an allergic reaction that could lead to a tragic outcome.   


            ClaimsView is our proprietary claims management system developed in consultation with our Claims team and tailored to our clients various needs.

            Underwriters are able to directly access reports and detailed information on individual claims, risks or entire portfolios and to quickly view losses on their account according to metrics such as location, loss code and business type.

            The system provides full access to the electronic claims file for clients and effectively allows Underwriters to feel as though they have an in-house claims team. 

            The Situation

            Our Claims team began to see a number of notifications relating to fire safety concerns on high-rise buildings.  

            An Underwriter client wanted to understand the exposure they had in respect of cladding related matters.

            How we helped

            Using the ClaimsView data, the Claims team was able to provide detailed Management Information for the Underwriter. This focused on Construction Professionals and the data was further broken down by business type. 

            The data was analysed and we were able to show the notifications received in relation to cladding and compare this to other losses occurring on the account.

            In addition, we could show specifically which types of professional were receiving the highest numbers of these types of claims. 


            The information allowed us to show that whilst the cladding related matters were a significant issue, they did not actually represent the biggest risk for all construction professionals.

            Our Underwriter client was able to adapt their placement strategy and strengthen their underwriting criteria in relation to certain construction professionals. 

            Having this detailed view of their account and the nature of risks that were presenting themselves, the Underwriter felt able to continue to place risks in an environment where their competitors were withdrawing. 

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            Paul Cowen

            • Head of Claims Management and Adjusting

            Rob Holme

            • Head of UK PI

            Lisa Heathcote

            • Head of UK GL

            Neil Sully

            • Head of Service Delivery

            Aidan Leonard ACII

            • Claims Director - Ireland // Head of CMA - Ireland

            Enrico De Micco

            • Head of CMA - Italy

            Carole Demarquay

            • Claims Handler - France

            Reed Millsaps

            • President – DWF Claims (USA) LLC

            Krystyna Kouri

            • Claims Director - Canada

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