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          What’s next for the UK insurance industry?

          Change. The market knows it is happening at an unprecedented rate and that more is to come. It has to respond but is it equipped to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities that will open up?

          The UK insurance market has spoken: it is confident and well-placed to thrive amid the global tide of technological and economic disruption.

          But another UK insurance market has also spoken: this one has severe doubts about its efficiency, its diversity, and its cultural and technological fitness to face the future.

          DWF is delighted to bring you our future of insurance report, highlighting the results from our survey of insurance executives. Join us as we look into what the market is focusing on right now and scan the horizon to see what the market expects to be its focus in five years' time.

          Our aim in commissioning the survey was to gain a clearer view of how insurance market participants envisage the evolution of their marketplace. The report reveals strongly held and clearly articulated views, but also apparently irreconcilable differences and some perplexing inconsistencies with widely reported trends.

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          Report Highlights

          • 34% respondents regard their culture and resistance to change as the number one obstacle to achieving their strategic goals.

          • 61% who cite culture and resistance to change as one of their main barriers, believe they can overcome this by increasing the diversity of their workforce.

          • "Firms show a strong appetite for greater government lobbying, especially in order to manage the costs and claims exposures from legal and regulatory change."

          Key themes


          Claire Bowler

          • Partner // Head of Insurance Sector

          Glyn Jones

          • Partner // Head of Insurance