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        Innovating for a competitive future

        As changes in technology and data disrupt the legal industry, how can legal businesses build a culture that embraces innovation and experimentation in order to deliver benefits for clients in an increasingly connected world?

        Innovating for a competitive future

        Innovating for a competitive future

        Ranked by the Financial Times as one of the Top 10 most innovative legal businesses in Europe, DWF has a long track record of innovation and disruption. We have created a culture that not only embraces change, but actively drives it through everything we do. 

        The launch of Connected Services was a key milestone in our journey, as we looked to implement a more comprehensive offering to our clients that includes consultancy, accountancy and more. This reflects the changing nature of the industry, where legal businesses must look at how to challenge established business models and present clients with more choices and more bespoke, flexible ways of working.

        How can businesses embrace new ways of working?

        • Develop and commission new technology and alternative business models
        • Build a culture of experimentation and a willingness to try new ways of working
        • Re-think the fundamental time-based business model
        • Set up the right environment for early and fast-growth service incubators

        In conjunction with Raconteur/The Times, DWF has produced a thought leadership article that looks at change and innovation in the legal market. 

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        "Innovation is not just technology, but about how people make the most of human-only capabilities in an increasingly digital world"