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          Future of Retail Report

          Future of Retail Report 2016

          In a rapidly changing market, retailers are focusing on delivering value and quality in an omnichannel world, whilst trying to navigate the complex political landscape of the living wage and a potential exit from the EU.


          We spoke to 150 C-suite individuals from leading retail organisations in the UK to understand what the ‘Future of Retail’ looks like.

          Ever wanted to know the answer to any of these questions? 

          • What are the top factors driving/threatening retailer’s growth?
          • How developed are retailers' omnichannel strategies?
          • What are retail customer’s top demands, and what will the retailer’s key message to them be?
          • What will the online/offline mix be in 5 years’ time?
          • Which areas will retailers be investing in data analytics and new technologies?
          • How will channel mixes and retail format change?
          • Which geographical areas will retailers expand into, and how will they do it?
          • Where will retailers' greatest competition come from?
          • How will order fulfilment change?
          • What will the effect of the living wage be?

          The DWF & Raconteur ‘Future of Retail’ report combines DWF's legal expertise with insights from some of the UK's top retailers. Essential reading for everyone involved in delivering growth in retail.

          Discover the latest insights from our experts 

          Don't forget to come back as more topics will be added soon from our experts.

          Global Reach - Looking at retailer strategy

          International expansion is central to many retailers’ futures, with a focus on a low-cost, low-risk e-commerce strategy.

          Safety in numbers – retailers and their use of customer data

          The savvy retailer will use customer data to their advantage, but businesses are increasingly wary of the dangers of data breaches.

          How will retailers drive growth in the next three years

          Our clients are telling us that they are focused on delivering value and quality in an evolving omnichannel world. We know that technology has a huge part to play in the future, but we wanted to understand if retailers saw this as a driver for growth or whether other areas would be influencing change.

          How progressive is your retail sector's omnichannel strategy?

          Did you catch our last blog post on becoming omnichannel? It details the key changes in bricks & mortar vs e-commerce vs m-commerce we’re expecting to see in the next 5 years and what retailers’ customers top demands are.<

          Becoming omnichannel

          There is no escaping omnichannel. It is at the forefront of retailers’ minds as it continues to drive the majority of sales growth.

          What are retailers' customers top 2 demands

          Data shows % of respondents who considered demands to be in top 2:

          • 17% - omnichannel offer
          • 22% demonstrable CSR
          • 31% improved in-store experience
          • 11% localised product mix
          • 32% loyalty programmes
          • 17% more flexible fulfilment
          • 9% product provenance