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          Brexit: seeing past the politics to spot the opportunities

          Brexit creates an unprecedented changes to UK law, with over 12,000 regulations entering domestic law upon exit day and new regulatory regimes taking effect. We are advising businesses and individuals upon the relevant changes with the objective of being able to capitalise upon the opportunities created and safeguard themselves from the risks created by Post-Brexit law.

          Our clients report that it can be difficult to see past the politics and media commentary to understand the salient opportunities and assess the genuine risks.  We can assist with this and responding to the concerns of our clients have structured these pages into the key areas below, with general updates on the right. 

          As a global legal services business we are able to draw upon an exceptional range of experts and experience, including in  Retail, Food & Hospitality; Transport; Real Estate; Financial Services; Technology; and the Public Sector and thereby give you up to date advice in this fast changing area.

          DWF's public sector team has written a Know-how update for 'Global Competition Review (GCR)' which answers the key questions about State Aid in the UK and in relation to Brexit.

          Click here to download the UK State Aid Know-how 2019. This is an extract from GCR’s Global State Aid Know-how 2019. The whole publication is available at here

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          Jonathan Branton

          • Partner // Head of Public Sector // Head of EU Competition

          Hilary Ross

          • Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality // Executive Partner (London)

          Dominic Watkins

          • Partner // Head of Food Group

          Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

          • Partner // Certified Information Technology Attorney // Global Head of Technology