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          DWF’s Hospitality Group draws together in-depth know-how and experience in the sector to deliver quality legal advice in a commercial context.

          Whether you’re buying, financing or selling a hotel or catering business, restructuring or entering a joint venture, building a new hotel, putting in place agreements for managing your business, setting up sponsorship, revising compliance and regulations, protecting your brand, or managing employee and agency worker issues, you need a nationwide team of legal specialists.

          “The DWF team is easy to work with, proactive and focused on delivery. They have a proven track record of helping Whitbread to achieve significant growth in its hotel and restaurant brands, and have helped us to deliver some particularly complex and high profile projects. Importantly for me, they retain that human touch and seem genuinely interested in building long-term relationships.”
          – Mark Anderson, Managing Director, Property, Commercial & Premier Inn Germany, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants

          Our experienced sector team is drawn from industry experts in both in-house and City firm roles. We have over 30 years’ experience of working in this industry and we understand that this kind of longevity and proven track record is important.

          We’re committed to working with you collaboratively, to adapt our legal advice to your commercial focus. Understanding the opportunities to establish an approachable, decisive plan for getting the most from them.

          Our award-winning legal experts are trusted by many of the leading names in the industry, including Greene King and Whitbread.

          Understanding the Food Information Regulations - Food Service Menu 

          EU law requires food service businesses to ensure their products and menus are labelled with specific information with regards to nutrition, composition, advertising claims and more.

          DWF has produced an interactive food service menu showing the key areas to consider to remain compliant. As always the devil is in the detail of the Regulations, they need to be reviewed fully to determine how the specifications impact your product.

          Take a look at our interactive food service menu 

          DWF | Food Menu

          Meet our team

          Melanie Williams

          • Partner // Head of Real Estate Sector // Head of Hospitality Group

          Oliver Bolthausen, LLM (USA), FCIArb (UK)

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Munich) // Global Head of International Arbitration & Disputes

          Paul Inman

          • Partner // Head of Real Estate (North West)

          Hilary Ross

          • Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality // Executive Partner (London)

          Kirsty Rogers

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Manchester) & Head of Client Development

          Jon Stevens

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Birmingham)

          Jay Birch

          • Partner // Head of International Corporate Development

          David Crank

          • Senior Associate // Head of Licensing

          Jean Francois Mercadier

          • Partner // Managing Partner (France)

          Julie Galbraith

          • Partner // Northern Ireland Head of Real Estate and Retail, Food, and Hospitality
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.