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          With the vast impact of the horsemeat scandal throughout the supply chain, the limitations on the way foods can be marketed with health or nutrition claims, the growing concerns about origin and sourcing of ingredients and food labelling law changing completely from December 2014, the pace of change in the food sector has never been so fast.

          From the debate about sugar content, the reformulation of food and shrinkflation, to what Brexit will mean for the international food supply chain. Whether discussing the adoption of new technology, the challenges of sourcing workers or food information regulations, the pace of change in the food industry has never been so fast.

          Our Food Sector specialists work throughout the food supply chain - from farm to fork, across the EU and beyond - supporting new entrants as well as household names in making their products a success.

          True sector experts

          Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to direct you clearly and in a way that’s relevant to your business. We anticipate, understand and challenge the legal framework, focussing on what you need to know to achieve growth and your commercial needs.

          Staying on top of the latest trends

          Whilst there are challenges ahead - particularly given that 95% of the sector's regulation comes from the EU - the opportunity to influence the shape of the future of food regulation in the UK is greater than ever.  Read about how the 5 biggest food sector trends might impact your business >

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          Meet our team

          Dominic Watkins

          • Partner // Head of Food Group

          Hilary Ross

          • Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality // Executive Partner (London)

          Kirsty Rogers

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Manchester) & Head of Client Development