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            Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

            Partner // Certified Information Technology Attorney // Global Head of Technology

            Klaus M. Brisch is one of the first specialised Information Technology Attorneys officially certified by the German Bar Association. He is Global head of the Technology Sector at DWF and focusses on data protection and privacy, IT-compliance, cyber security, additive manufacturing and cross-industry innovation.

            Klaus advises on complex, national and international IT projects, including those focused on outsourcing and migration, technology-based transactions, compliance, IT security, data protection and privacy.

            Klaus helps clients across various industries by shaping a legal environment that supports their technological innovation and enables secure production and distribution. He helps establish their e-commerce capabilities and advises on the many aspects of internet law, including contracts, liability and copyright clearing.

            Klaus also advises companies on hardware and software contracts, support them with corporate and technology-based transactions and specialised in eGovernment issues.
            His expertise lies in identifying and advising on legal issues for new technologies, such as 3D printing, connected devices, intelligent internet, and wearables. He guides compliance at every stage of the product or service life cycle, from the early stages of development to market launch.

            Klaus has written various articles on subjects, including 3D printing technology and regulation in the telecommunications industry, such as "The digital estate - what happens to emails, De-mails and files in hosted storage after death?", as well as written books on "Electronic Signature and Electronic Signature Act", "Leasing of a complete computer system" and “IT Compliance for Financial Services”.

            Klaus was named 'Best Lawyer' in the field of intellectual property Handelsblatt > 

            DWF Germany has founded a new association called "Innovation Network Cologne". The association aims at connecting established companies with innovative startups of the world's technological centres.

            Klaus studied in Cologne and Bonn (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland) and received a Master’s degree from the University San Diego, California.

            Klaus has the honour of representing the Los Angeles World Trade Center and the LAEDC Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation in Germany and is member of the Advisory Board of the German American Business Association (GABA). 

            He enjoys classical music and sports, especially football, basketball and golf.

            • Member of the Data Protection and Privacy Committee of the German Bar Association
            • Head of the Selection Committee of the Cologne Bar Association for the Certification of Information Technology Lawyers
            • Member of the Cyber-Security Council Germany, Chair of the Working Group on Artificial Intelligence
            • Member of the ASW Bundesverband (Alliance for Security in the Economy)
            • Member of UAV DACH e.V. – Unmanned Aviation Association
            • Commission Official for Data Protection for Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamm Bar Association (Kontrollbeauftragter für den Datenschutz der Kammern Köln, Düsseldorf und Hamm)
            • Member of the Board of the Cologne Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer Köln) (2007-2019)
            • Member of the Board of the Cologne Lawyers Association (Kölner Anwaltverein e.V.) (2000-2011)
            • German Association of Law and Computer Science
            • Member of the Advisory Board of GABA German American Business Organization
            • Member of the Senate of Economy Europe and the Senate of Economy Germany
            • Member of Rotary (Köln-Kapitol, Germany)
            • Sicherheit durch Technik: Cyber-Threat-Plattformen in Deutschland, Computer und Recht, 9/2019, Pages 606-617.
            • Guidelines: Connected and Autonomous Mobility - Challenges in the fields of cyber security, data protection, and warranty and liability law, eco – Association of the Internet Industry, 24.05.2019, co-author 
            • Fines following GDPR came into effect: Important signals for companies. February 2019.
            • Data protection for drones in commercial use - What manufacturers and users need to know, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 6, November/December 2018, pages 14-17.
            • Die Informationspflicht des Rechtsanwalts nach der DSGVO, BRAK Magazin, 05/2018, Pages 14-15.
            • Legal issues of utilising drones for inspection, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, July/August 2018, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 14-16.
            • Remote Maintenance and Virtual/Augmented Reality, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Vol. 3, Issue 5, September/October 2017, Pages 14-17.
            • Blockchain-based Solutions and IT/Cyber Security for Autonomous Driving – Legal Barriers, dotmagazine, online issue, June 2018. 
            • Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – final part, 3D fab+print, online blog article, September 2017.
            • Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – final three, 3D fab+print, online blog article, September 2017
            • Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – part two, 3D fab+print, online blog article, September 2017.
            • Product Liability in 3D Printing Processes – part one, 3D fab+print, online blog article, August 2017.
            • Safety features: Protecting employees, avoiding disruptions, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 4, July/August 2017, Pages 29-32.
            • 3D Printing: Rights to Data and IT Security in the Field of Additive Manufacturing, dotmagazine, online issue, July 2017.
            • Industry 4.0: The Authentication of Things within the Internet of Things – PKI as a Solution Approach, dotmagazine, online issue, July 2017.
            • Brexit’s Impact on Contractual Relationships with UK-based Companies, 3D fab+print, online blog article, June/July 2017. 
            • Haftung für Content in gewerblichem Social-Media-Account – Zurechnung der Rechtsverletzung innerhalb eines Konzernverbunds, CR 2017, Pages 395-402.
            • Making aging plants fit for service, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3, May/June 2017, Pages 27-30.
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            • International cooperation - contract design and law enforcement, 3D fab+print, Issue 8, November/December 2016, Pages 24-28.
            • Legal requirements with respect to the cross-border sale and export of aging industrial plants, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6, November/December 2016, Pages 14-17.
            • IT security in the process chain of additive manufacturing, 3D fab+print, Issue 7, September/October 2016, Pages 25-28. 
            • Asset Deals – The acquisition of aging industrial plants from the buyer’s perspective, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5, September/October 2016, Pages 14-16.
            • Quality assurance in additive manufacturing processes, 3D fab+print, Issue 6, July/August 2016, Pages 25-28. 
            • Asset Deals – the sale of aging plants from the seller’s perspective, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4, July/August 2016, Pages 14-16.
            • Brisch, Klaus / Müller-ter Jung, Marco, Autonomous Driving – Von Data Ownership über Blackbox bis zum Beweisrecht, CR 2016, Pages 411-416.
            • Product Development Compliance – Success factor to ensure competitiveness, 3D fab+print, Issue 5, June 2016, Pages 20-23.
            • Digitalization in industrial processes – (IT-) security of plants and legal requirements, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2016, Pages 14-16.
            • Harmonization of the industrial lifecycle and software-support, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 14-16.
            • Customer-specific 3D printing of products: Specifics regarding contractual performance obligations, 3D fab+print, Issue 4, April 2016, Pages 20-24.
            • Predictive Maintenance and Management Compliance – Managing Aging Plants the Smart Way, Managing Aging Plants Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2016, Pages 14-16.
            • Legal Protection against imitation of products by means of 3D scanning and 3D printing, 3D fab+print, Issue 3, February 2016, Pages 22-26.
            • Amazon ‘share’ feature ruled unlawful, Comment to the ruling of OLG Hamm, 9 July 2015, Ref.: I-4 U 59/15), E-Commerce Law Journal Reports, Volume 16, Issue 1, 26 February 2016, Page 14.
            • Arrears of TK-customers – Lock vs. termination without notice, preclusion of the provider with respect to § 45k Abs. 2 TKG?, CR 2015, Pages 81-86.
            • Ex-post-regulation of TK-markets by Bundesnetzagentur - Connivance of fees as an assumption of approval, A case for more legal certainty with respect to price clauses in network access T&Cs.
            • The digital estate – what happens to emails, De-mails and files in hosted storage after death? - Essay, CR 2013, Pages 446-455.
            • Commenting on the Electronic Signature and Electronic Signature Act, in: Hoeren / Sieber, Multimedia Law Handbook.
            • Leasing of a complete computer system in Redeker, Handbook of IT contracts.
            • IT Compliance, Euro Forum Publishing (6th Edition, 2006-2010).
            • Electronic Commerce, Handbook of Telecommunications, German Economic Review, 2009.
            • Unified Communications - Legal stumbling blocks on the road to the single corporate communications, MMR 2009, Page 813.
            • Note to the judgment of the BGH 22.04.2009 ("Internet VCR"), MMR 2009, Page 620.
            • Note to the judgment of the BGH 10.12.2008 ("transfer of patient data"), CR 2009, Page 460.
            • Note to the judgment of the BGH 16.07.2008 ("Payback-Entscheidung") CR 2008, Page 720 (co-authored by Dr. Philip Laue, LL.M.).
            • IT im Gesundheitswesen, Euroforum Verlag (2008).
            • Commenting on distance selling regulations and e-commerce in „Praxis der Schuldrechtsreform“, Henssler/Graf von Westphalen (Hrsg.) ZAP-Verlag, 2001.
            • Digitale Signatur - Grundlagen, Funktion und Einsatz, Springer- Verlag 1999.
            • EU-Richtlinienvorschlag zum elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr, CR 1999, Seiten 235 ff.
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            • Guideline of the Association of German Cities "Digitale Signatur auf der Basis multifunktionaler Chipkarten", Deutscher Städtetag, Cologne 1999.
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            • Gemeinsame Rahmenbedingungen für elektronische Signaturen, CR 1998, Pages 492 ff.
            • "E-Commerce-Richtlinienvorschlag", CR 1998, Pages 473 f.
            • National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) CISO Policy Conference (Atlanta/USA): “GDPR” – 5 October 2017
            • Atlanta Cyber Week (Atlanta/USA): “Cyber Security in Germany – a legal point of view” – 2-5 October 2017
            • DGM (Cleveland/USA): “Advanced Manufacturing in Germany – legal aspects” – 18.-20 September 2017
            • InsurTech: “Next-Gen-Versicherung = Alles Digital! Alles Insurtechs?” – 13 September 2017
            • dma, KI Facts: “Machine Learning – Cognitive – Visual” – 5 July 2017
            • Cyber Week (Tel Aviv/Israel): “Leap Forward: The Future of Artificial Intelligence” – 27-29 June 2017
            • Messe Erfurt, FabCon 3.D- Rapid Tech 2017: „Rechtliche Aspekte der additiven Fertigung“ – 20 June 2017
            • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce: “The Future of U.S. - European Trade” – 16 May 2017
            • GABA, 3D Printing – The Road to Manufacturing: “Qualitätssicherung im 3D-Druck” – 10 May 2017
            • DWF, 3. Forum 3D-Durck und Recht: „Qualitätssicherung entlang der Produktionskette – Abgrenzung rechtlicher Verantwortlichkeiten“ und “Digitalsierung der Prozesskette – IT-Sicherheit als Compliance-Anforderung” – 21 March 2017
            • DGM (Scottsdale/USA): “e-Business in Europe” – 15-17 February 2017
            • IT Sicherheitstag (World Conference Center Bonn): „Und ewig ruft der Daten¬schutz: Mittelstand zwi¬schen EU-Grundschutz-Verordnung und Privacy Shields – Was gilt, was muss getan werden?“ – 1 December 2016
            • Wearables, Augmented und Virtual Reality, Künstliche Intelligenz, Always-On und die Folgen: „Social, Staccato, Ständig kommunizieren, von Assistenten unterstützt und von Fakes ins Nirwana geschickt: Herausforderungen für unser Rechtssystem?“ – 29 November 2016
            • Wo steht Security 4.0 in Industrie 4.0?: „Datenschutz: Sind maschinen-bezogene Daten ein minderwertiges Rechtsgut?“ – 9 November 2016
            • Internet-Health: Chancen riesig, Vorbehalte auch: “Datenschutz & Security: Greift das E-Health-Gesetz oder ein Fall für die nächste Generation?! – 6 October 2016
            • Stratasys, Anwendermeeting 3D-Druck: “10 Highlights zum Recht des 3D-Drucks; anschließend Leitung eines Workshops” – 4/5 May 2016
            • Cyber Security Summit, Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA): “German and European legal aspects on Cyber Security” – 28 September 2016
            • Ab in Ablage P: “Ohne Scheu in den Papierkorb – Rechtliche Aspekte des papierlosen Büros” – 31 August 2016
            • Digital Compliance: Alles digital und überall compliant?: “Die Entwicklungen des Rechtsrahmens – Regulierung neu denken?” – 1 June 2016
            • Industrie 4.0, IHK Limburg: “Datenschutz, Datensicherheit, Safe Harbor” – 24 May 2016
            • Cyber-Information Security quer denken?: “Recht: Muss der Rechtsrahmen für Informations-Sicherheit völlig neu entwickelt werden?” – 11 May 2016
            • Rheinisches Schaufenster – Industrie 4.0: “IT Compliance” – 14 April 2016
            • Bitkom Akademie; Data Lakes: Steht eine Springflut bevor?: “Rechtsfragen bei Big Data – 13 April 2016
            • 2. Forum 3D-Druck: “Innovation – Geschäft – Recht: Die marktfähige Implementierung innovativer Geschäftsmodelle aus anwaltlicher Sicht” – 9 March 2016
            • 2. Forum 3D-Druck: “Erfolgsfaktor Business- und Product-Development-Compliance” – 9 March 2016
            • IT Sicherheit (Wirtschaftsministerium), “Regulierung vs. Innovation” – 19 January 2016
            • IT-Sicherheitstag NRW, Der Fachkongress für Daten-, Informations- und IT-Sicherheit – 2 December 2015
            • Kölner Internetwoche: “Gute Ideen richtig schützen – Know-How-Schutz in Deutschland” – 19-24 October 2015
            • Bitkom Akademie, DMA; Brennt uns die Sicherung durch?: “Optionen für Cyber-Security und Cyber-Ordnung” – 14 October 2015
            • IHK Köln; WWW – Website, Werbung, Widerruf: “Das Unternehmen im Internet – Neuerungen und Status im Online-Recht” – 22 September 2015
            • Bitkom Akademie, DMA, BHL; Smart Metering: “Neue Rahmenbedingungen, neue Ansätze, neue Erfolgsfaktoren” – 16 September 2015
            • IHK Köln, 6. Vermittlertag für Versicherungs- und Finanzanlagenvermittler mit dem Thema “Vergütung unter Druck” – 8 September 2015
            • Telemedicus; Sommerkonferenz: Zwei Schritte vorwärts: Die Zukunft des Internetrechts” – 29-30 August 2015
            • DFK, DMA, BHL; Der unaufhaltsame Aufstieg der IT-Compliance: “Von Cybercrime über Haftungsrisiken bis zu grenzüberschreitenden Tools” – 28 May 2015
            • IHK Köln; Digitalisierung in der Produktion – Aber wie?: “Fragestellungen auf dem Weg zur Industrie 4.0” – 11 May 2015
            • BHL; workshop Komplexität: “Hohe Komplexität – einfach entscheiden” – 29 April 2015
            • BHL; 3D-Druck: Ziemlich viele neue Fragen: “Rechtliche Aspekte der additiven Fertigung” – 5 March 2015

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