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          James Perry

          Director Technical // Co-Manager of the Recoveries Team

          James is a Director Technical at DWF and Co-Manager of the Recoveries Team.

          James' great strength lies in his ability to think innovatively and solve problems, whether in terms of team management or the many issues relating to client matters and cases. His aim is to quickly troubleshoot problems, ensuring efficiency at all times and keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

          He has an excellent understanding of the court rules, evidence and the techniques that will put maximum pressure on opponents as well as exploiting weaknesses in their arguments. He is very commercial in his approach and understands that a good result is all about achieving a maximum net return for a client as quickly as possible.

          His work spans across all sectors and his areas of expertise include debt recovery, commercial litigation and finance litigation.

          Outside of work James enjoys spending time with his young family. He has two young boys who enjoy the outdoors and especially enjoy kicking a football. He also maintains a keen interest in music and travel and has helped develop a Career Academies initiative with his team at a local school this year.