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          Hamid Harasani

          Partner of Harasani & Alkhamees in Association with DWF

          Hamid is a Saudi-qualified lawyer with domestic and international legal experience. He is a co-founder of Harasani & Alkhamees Law Firm.

          Hamid's areas of expertise include litigation, private client, construction, corporate and employment law.

          Hamid is a Saudi lawyer specialising in litigation, private client, construction, corporate and employment law. He has completed a PhD in Law at King's College London and is a founding partner of Harasani & Alkhamees Law Firm. He is also a skilled and published legal researcher.

          He acts for corporations and high net worth individuals. He also represents international companies looking to invest or set up a branch in Saudi Arabia.

          He also continually acts for clients on cross-border transactions. He has previous experience of working alongside local lawyers on deals in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, and South Korea.

          Recent experience has included preparing a legal opinion of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce on how the Ministry of Commerce can improve their corporate services. In the area of construction disputes, he has recently advised on a SR360m dispute, which was successfully settled.

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          • PhD in Waqf and trusts law, King's College London.
          • LLM in Comparative Law, specialising in the law of contracts, McGill University.
          • Legal Practice Certificate (LPC), BPP University in London.
          • Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), BPP University in London.
          • BA in Islamic law, Islamic University in Madinah.