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          Dr. Ahmad Alkhamees

          Partner of Harasani & Alkhamees in Association with DWF

          Ahmad's areas of expertise include litigation and arbitration, family business, corporate, Islamic finance, financial regulations and Saudi Capital Market Law.

          Ahmad is a certified arbitrator and a former judge in Riyadh's General Court. He aims to make the most of his legal expertise in Saudi law and common law to provide legal services that meet the international standards to clients in Saudi Arabia and GCC.

          Ahmad's specialties include litigation, arbitration, family business, Saudi capital market, Islamic finance, construction and real estate law.

          • PhD in Islamic Finance and Financial Regulations, Warwick University.
          • LLM in Advanced Legal Studies, Warwick University.
          • MA in Comparative Islamic law, the Higher Institute of Justice, Imam Mohammad ibn Saud University.
          • BA in Islamic law, Gassim University.
          • Certified arbitrator by The Ministry of Justice and the Saudi Center For Commercial Arbitration.
          • 'The Use And Abuse Of Limited Liability: a Shari'ah Perspective' Islamic Finance New, Vol. 12, No. 6, p. 23-24 , April, 2015..
          • 'The Impact of Shari'ah Governance Practices on Shari'ah Compliance', Con- temporary Islamic Finance Journal of Banking Regulation vo14, No. 2, p. 134- 163, April, 2013.
          • Disputes between Stockbrokers and Investors in The Saudi Capital Market (Arabic Book) Maktbat al-Qanoon w al-Iqtesad, March, 2013.
          • 'Private Action as a Remedy against Market Manipulation', the USA Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance,Vol. 20 Issue: 1 p.41-55, February, 2012.
          • 'International Arbitration and Shari'a Law: Context, Scope, and Intersections', Journal of International Arbitration Vol. 28, No. 3, p. 255-264, January , 2011.
          • 'International Transfer Technology Agreements: New Age of Negotiation', The Asian Business Lawyer , Vol.8 p. 143- 156, November 2011.

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