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          Business model and Strategy

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          Business Model

          DWF's business is primarily driven by the legal work we undertake for our clients. We also offer Managed Services and have a suite of Connected Services through which we offer additional complementary services and products. Our methodology is to collaborate with clients to identify where we can meet their needs and add value, choosing the right approach for the work they need undertaking.  Working this way helps develop long-term relationships, generate new business and engage better with clients.


          Our organic growth strategy, complemented with a disciplined approach to acquisition, is built on three principal strategic objectives: 

          1. Understanding our clients

          To provide the best possible service for our clients it is fundamental that we understand their needs. Knowing our clients means we can support them in the right way, either through the provision of top quality legal and strategic advice via our Complex Legal Services, Managed Services or any of our broad suite of Connected Services.

          2. Engaging our people

          Our people engagement is built around common values with clear set goals, behaviours and incentive structures and we support our colleagues through a culture of innovation and inclusion. This approach enables us to recruit, retain and develop high performing and high quality legal and professional talent which is vital to us delivering excellent service, results and lasting value.

          3. Doing things differently

          Innovation allows us to offer clients a differentiated and competitive offering, and our connected services are a key driver of this. Providing a greater service and product suite to our clients via internal research, development and through acquisition enables us to become their go-to partner for outsourced legal and connected services.

          International Strategy

          We are expanding our presence in strategically important regions for our clients including Ireland, Germany, France and the Middle East. Areas which not only offer significant opportunities in our primary sectors, including Insurance, Real Estate and Financial services, but also offer strategic gateway links into other growth regions and key international markets including Africa, Israel, Southeast Asia and the USA.