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          About DWF

          DWF is a global legal business with a purpose to transform legal services.  Defined by our values, our strategy is to understand our clients, engage our people and to do things differently. We invest in high quality services, solutions, technology and people, continuously developing our Complex, Managed and Connected Services offerings.

          Growth Journey


          DWF in Numbers

          • £236m Revenue for FY18
          • 18% Compound annual growth rate for FY06-18
          • 3 Services: Complex Legal Services, Managed Legal Services and Connected Services
          • 8 Sectors: Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Technology, Energy & Industrials, Retail, Food & Hospitality, Transport and Public Sector
          • +3,100 People across the group as at 31 October 2018
          • 27 Offices with 11 across the UK and 16 across the rest of the world
          • 4 Global regions covered: Europe, Middle-East, Asia-Pacific and North America
          • 7 Associations with legal businesses in Argentina, Colombia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Panama, South Africa, Turkey and United States
          • +£200,000 Raised for the DWF Foundation
          • +10 Years relationships with 62% of clients

          Marketplace Overview

          DWF operates within a large and highly attractive global market for legal services. In 2017 the global legal services market was estimated to be approximately US $849 billion in size and is estimated to grow to US $1,011 billion in 2021.*

          The global market for legal services remains highly fragmented. In the UK, the top 25 law firms are estimated to account for just over half the revenue with a large tail of an estimated 10,000 smaller independent law firms. DWF is among this group of top 25 law firms.**

          Global market trends include:

          • Continuous regulatory changes
          • Outsourcing process driven in-house legal services
          • Continued technology development
          • High fragmentation
          • Supply chain consolidation
          • International expansion of corporates

          * Statista estimates; BRC estimates 2013 to 2017
          ** Legal Week rankings for 2017-2018 - DWF placed 23rd.

          Underpinning many of our services sits innovation and technology which plays an important role across all our operations and service delivery, particularly for our connected services offering. It is the cornerstone of our service development and product innovation and also helps us to optimise the development of new workflows and tools, and supports sophisticated data analytics and project management solutions. 

          DWF is ranked the 11th most innovative legal business in Europe in the 2018 Financial Times Innovative Lawyers report which describes DWF as "one of the UK's most dynamic legal businesses". And for the first time, our Managing Partner and CEO Andrew Leaitherland has been named among the top ten innovative individuals in Europe, in recognition of his commitment to embedding a culture of innovation throughout the business.

          This report is a high-profile and trusted benchmarking programme which we are proud to be included in for the fourth consecutive year. Such positive recognition for many of our innovations demonstrates the value that has come from our continued focus on 'doing things differently'.

          Our range of complex, managed and connected services are designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients. 

          Complex Services

          Our complex legal services represent traditional legal advice and services for which clients typically seek out external counsel. Certain services in this field are supported by AI and data-analytics tools and project management solutions.  

          Managed Services

          Our Managed Services are focused around processes and often comprise of high volume work that benefits from being performed on a value and efficiency basis. For example managed services can include areas such as support in the contract lifecycle, litigation support, transaction drafting, transaction fact finding, legal project management and resourcing. 


          Connected Services

          Our Connected Services can be sourced independently or alongside our other services. Through this wide and varied service offering, we can provide a range of professional, business or consulting services, a number of which include or are enabled by technology products and solutions. Our Connected Services offering is complementary to our traditional legal services and enables us to provide multi-disciplinary teams across different professional and business services in a seamless, integrated offering.