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          Blueprint for Growth: The Impact of Brexit

          Whilst the reality of Brexit is unknown, it is crucial that the business strategy for both survival and growth is reassessed within the context of the Brexit agenda. Businesses cannot expect or wait for Government to understand all of their needs and must take a proactive stance. 

          Date: 18/09/2017

          Our research

          We spoke to 150 C-suite individuals from leading Banking, Energy, Hospitality, Insurance, and Retail organisations as part of our City of London: Blueprint for Growth report, our results have helped shed light upon what the ‘Impact of Brexit’ looks like for our clients.

          Why London?

          Trying to predict what might happen post-Brexit starts with an understanding of why businesses have chosen London as their home in the first place. According to our research, London’s position as the main financial centre in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world, has been the biggest motivating factor – with 63 per cent of respondents citing this as one of their top three reasons.

          Brexit impact 

          DWF Brexit Blueprint

          Whilst it is acutely felt that Brexit will impact any organisation's access to capital by the majority of business leaders, it is worth noting that only 23 per cent of respondents had quoted access to the single market as a reason for being in London, suggesting that the departure might not be as destructive for the UK economy as some may have feared, particularly in industries such as Technology and Communications: 

          DWF Brexit Blueprint

          With access to the single market playing such a large role in London’s position as a financial hub, some would argue that losing this could have lasting implications on the city’s financial authority, with New York and Hong Kong seen as the major players in competition across Banking, Insurance and Transport companies. 

          DWF Brexit Blueprint

          As the UK heads towards Brexit, the message from the C-suite is clear: the reasons executives have chosen to base themselves in the capital are under threat, and with them London’s position of power.

          What next?

          As the Brexit process builds momentum, more questions are being posed than answered. DWF's legal experts are working with clients to ensure that they have the correct infrastructure to address issues, drive the right messages to Government and guide you through the strategic next steps your business should be taking.

          To find out more about the services we provide, and how we can help you navigate through the complex issues and challenges that Brexit presents, take action via the next steps below:

          • Download your copy of our City of London: Blueprint for Growth report to discover further insights from DWF's legal experts. It is essential reading for UK and International companies operating in the London market.
          • Stay up to date with the latest legal articles and summaries from our experts around Brexit. Visit our hub
          • Pre-register your interest in our Brexit Blueprint series of panels and events via our Brexit Blueprint team here; the next event will take place in London on 21 November, and will cover the topic of labour and employment within businesses.
          • Get in touch directly with one of our Brexit Blueprint leads for more information.

           DWF Brexit Blueprint

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