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          Scottish Government Energy Strategy

          Date: 06/04/2017

          The Scottish Government has published its "Scottish Energy Strategy: The future of energy in Scotland". This sets out the Scottish Government's vision for the future energy system in Scotland to 2050 and the priorities for an integrated system-wide approach that consider both the use and supply of energy for heat, power and transport. 

          The strategy

          • Sets a new 2030 'all-energy target' for the equivalent of 50% of Scotland's heat, transport and electricity consumption to be supplied from renewable sources.
          • Acknowledges that the overall approach is determined by the need to further decarbonise the whole energy system in line with emissions reduction targets set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, which requires 80% reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions across the entire economy and society between 1990 and 2050.
          • Notes that UK Government policy, new powers of the Scottish Government and membership of the European Union will affect the future path of the energy system in Scotland.
          • Adopts a flexible approach towards decarbonisation with a view to encouraging a balanced combination of energy sources, adaptable to changing market conditions.  In light of this, the strategy does not specify a single energy mix for 2050 but highlights the range of technologies and fuels that will supply Scotland's energy needs over the coming decades.
          • Includes five priorities, namely (i) continuing to support the recovery of the North Sea oil and gas, (ii) supporting the demonstration and commercialisation of Carbon Capture and Storage and CO2 Utilisation, (iii) exploring the role of new energy sources, (iv) increasing renewable and low carbon energy and (v) increasing flexibility, efficiency and resilience of the energy system as a whole.
          • Sets a challenge to the renewables industry to make Scotland the first area in the UK to host commercial onshore wind development without subsidy.
          • Seeks views on a new energy efficiency target in line with the European Commission's proposed 30% target for 2030. 

          The Scottish Government is currently consulting on the energy strategy, which will run until 30 May 2017.