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          Brexit North - securing a united voice at the negotiating table

          Paper by the Institute for Public Policy Research

          Date: 07/10/2016

          The economy of the North is very different from the South, so Brexit presents many different threats and opportunities. How the City and financial services emerge from Brexit, for example, may be very different to the impact on core or advanced manufacturing. There are major questions as to what a northern Brexit might or should mean, and IPPR North has done a great job in identifying these and presenting constructive suggestions for negotiating a progressive Brexit.

          As a legal business with deep roots in the north, DWF is already focusing on the challenges our clients are facing following the Brexit vote, and we believe that the proposals set out in this report can help to ensure that the economy and international trade in the region goes from strength to strength.

          Jonathan Branton, Partner, Head of EU and Competition, DWF

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          This paper is part of IPPR’s series on a ‘Progressive Brexit’. It considers both the implications of Brexit for the North of England, and a process by which the North can ensure that its needs are recognised within a national negotiation.

          Brexit North


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