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          My time at the DWF Vacation Scheme

          On the first morning I was terrified. Which suit should I wear? Will I miss my train? How many jokes should I make on the first day?! For the last week and a half I’ve been part of the DWF Manchester vacation scheme, and looking back now I can’t understand why I was so nervous!

          Written by Greg Wood, Future DWF Trainee.

          As part of the scheme you sit in two departments over the fortnight, and even though mine couldn’t have been more different on paper (the small Private Client team, and the huge Commercial Insurance team) both were great fun. From day one, (well, day two - after the initial induction day!) I was given responsibility for real work, for real clients. Although the sight of files piling up on my desk as I frantically scribbled down a to-do list was a bit nerve-wracking at first, I was fully supported every step of the way. In each department you’re assigned both a trainee “buddy” and a supervising fee earner, which means that no matter how daft the question, you always have someone on hand to ask. There were client meetings, conference calls, presentations and more – I honestly felt like a proper member of the team after just a couple of days in each department; almost like a “trainee in training”.

          This immersive yet supportive work experience, coupled with the fantastic social events organised for us in the evenings, has given me a real insight into what life would be like as a trainee at DWF (plus, the café is excellent). Right from the moment I walked through the door I was made to feel at home. The people here all seem to have genuinely welcoming personalities – being friendly is clearly a pre-requisite for DWF’s recruitment process. If you’re at all unsure about applying for the vacation scheme, don’t be. I can’t recommend it highly enough!