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          DWF Open Day

          Future DWF trainee, Zena Al-Kassab, talks us through her experience attending the Open Day in 2016. Zena is now a paralegal within the firm, and is looking forward to starting her training contract in Manchester in 2019.

          "After reading about DWF's open day online, I jumped at the opportunity to attend and applied online. I had been interested in getting a training contract at DWF for a while, as the innovative and vibrant ethos of the firm really appealed to me. I was keen to learn more and see what the firm was really like first hand.

          To start off the open day Helen Corner, a partner in Banking, gave a talk which was informative and interesting. Her talk lasted around an hour and there was time at the end for us to ask questions. The fact that Helen put aside time to speak to us spoke wonders about the firm. It showed me that they really invest in the people they recruit and this really resonated with me.

          Amongst the talks we had lunch with a few trainees and a Q+A session with two trainees. I found both of these really useful as they provided a great insight into the firm, into the application process and into the vacation scheme. Prior to the open day we were asked to send in questions that we wanted answers to during this session which I found really useful, as it gave me time to think about the questions I wanted to be answered.

          The most useful session for me was the application masterclass. This was given by a member of graduate recruitment, and getting first-hand information from those who review applications was second to none. The tips given stretched from the initial application process all the way to PGP Friday and at each stage of the process, I referred back to the notes I had made.

          At the end of the day, we had a networking session with partners. Again, this showed the investment and importance the firm places on emerging talent. All the partners were really friendly and approachable, and were so enthusiastic about their practice areas. This demonstrated the culture of the firm; that DWF consists of hard-working, enthusiastic and friendly people who want to make a difference.

          I believe that all of the information I received on the open day played a key part in the success of my application process. If I hadn't gone to the open day, I genuinely do not think I would have been successful in gaining a training contract. Not only due to the fact that I received a wealth of useful information, but also due to the fact that I networked with graduate recruitment, trainees and partners. It provided me with the chance to make myself known to the firm, as having a face to a name means so much more when reading through thousands of applications".