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        International Strategy

        We're client-led and as demand grew, we didn’t wait around. Joining clients on their growth journey has led us to open DWF offices in 25 locations, in 11 countries, across 4 continents.

        Since 2015, we have launched in Dubai, Chicago, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Toronto, Cologne, Belfast, Paris, Brisbane, Milan, Melbourne and Singapore and have established strong working relationships with firms in Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Turkey and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

        We are always looking for strategic opportunities for international growth that will allow us to enhance our legal capability in key sectors and offer clients advantages in terms of resource, reach and multi-jurisdiction expertise.

        What’s next?

        International expansion, whilst pre-dominantly client-led and consistent with our culture, will also embrace the opportunistic. Our international strategy anticipates looking in an eastward direction from Europe and at Singapore in particular.

        Stefan Paciorek

        • Partner // CEO - International Division