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          We want all our people to have the opportunity to realise their potential within DWF. This is why we provide the support they need to perform effectively in their current role and ensure they also have the opportunity to shape and develop their future career. That’s why we have The DWF Academy.

          The DWF Academy provides learning and development opportunities for everyone – whether you are a fee earner, line manager or a member of our support team. With programmes for specific career levels and career paths, our people can tailor a personal development plan to meet their needs, with the support of their line manager.

          From the minute you join our business, you are enrolled on the DWF Academy and complete an effective induction process. We then support you to deepening your technical expertise and as you progress, your line management ability. There are also opportunities to network across the business to learn from others, through Peer Group Networks, Mentoring Schemes and Practice Group Team Building activities. We also have a specialist team who work with our future leadership pipeline. With technology being a key part of our business we also have effective IT Training to ensure you can use all the tools which are at your disposal.

          We have a comprehensive and flexible learning and development environment which allows our people to access learning where and when they need it. This could be on-line learning in the office or on a mobile device (see below), or through face to face workshops delivered through our learning hubs across the UK.

          The content of the DWF Academy supports our business strategy and our approach follows the 70:20:10 principle; whereby 70% is achieved by learning opportunities within your role, 20% is achieved through informal learning and 10% is achieved through formal learning and development programmes.

          In all cases, we ensure that content is grounded in technical excellence, relevance and practical application. The DWF Academy ensures everyone in the business has the opportunity to continually learn, and to further their career by shaping and owning their own personal development journey.

          Colin Smith

          • General Manager