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          Agile working

          We value the contributions of all of our people which is why in 2017 we were named one of the top 30 employers in the UK for working families.

          We continually evolve our thinking to enhance flexibility and design a working environment which gives our people the right space to do their best work, along with the services, technology and line manager capability to support and accept greater organisational flexibility and different styles of working. To achieve this we continue to challenge the culture of presenteeism wherever it exists across our business, empowering agile employees to work anywhere, anytime – as long as business needs are met.

          Ultimately, we are transitioning to a culture where we focus on results and performance instead of time and attendance.

          We've been working to become an agile business, so far this has been successful in our Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Manchester offices. Being agile means you have one of our offices assigned as your base location but you can work from multiple locations. These could be a hot desk, another office, your home or any other location of your choosing during your contracted working hours.

          Karl Warmbold

          • Director of Facilities & Property