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          Our revenue is primarily driven by the amount of fee generating engagements undertaken for clients, which is supplemented by other services.  Our suite of legal and connected services provides the opportunity to offer our existing clients additional complementary services and products. Particularly for our key client accounts, new engagements or new clients, we seek to collaborate with clients to identify where we can meet their needs and add value through our suite of legal and connected services, while also identifying which work should be handled on a complex or managed services basis. This approach can facilitate long-term relationships with our clients. 


          Our organic growth strategy, complemented with a disciplined approach to acquisition, is built on three principal strategic objectives:  

          Understanding our clients

          Fundamental to our ability to provide the best possible service to our clients is an understanding of our clients' needs in an international context.  To do this successfully we will continue to develop our sector capabilities, particularly in our global sectors of financial services, insurance and real estate.

          By continuing to provide top quality legal and strategic advice in complex matters across our global sectors, as well as cost-competitive managed services and a broad suite of connected services, we aim to become a key long-term partner for all our clients and provide them with the opportunity to rationalise their supply chains

          Engaging our people

          Employee engagement is built around common values, a clear set of goals and the right incentive structures. Our goal as an employer is to become a legal service business of choice for future talent.  We support our employees through a culture of inclusion and innovation.

          Doing things differently

          Innovation is at the forefront of our strategy of providing a competitive and differentiated offering for our clients.  We aim to become the go-to partner for outsourced legal and connected services and the growth of the Connected Services division is a core part of our long-term growth strategy.  

          Acquisition strategy

          Alongside our organic growth strategy, we expect to continue to pursue a highly disciplined acquisitive strategy. We have a proven method of identifying, executing and integrating revenue generating acquisitions of traditional partnership structures internationally. Our acquisition growth strategy will predominantly focus on taking advantage of two major high growth opportunities:

          • Grow internationally by acquiring complementary legal businesses 
          • Acquiring to accelerate the development of our Connected Services division