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          Environmental Regulation

          Environmental compliance obligations are becoming increasingly complex. As one of the largest and most successful providers of legal business services in the UK, we can help you deal with any environmental issues.

          The Global Environmental Team at DWF provides specialist advice and support in respect of the increasing range of environmental issues faced by business. 

          Protection of the environment has become more than an issue of legal compliance. It is a global challenge, raising issues that go to the heart of how our clients do business. Working together we can help you understand this complex and changing area of regulation, always looking to improve existing practices and explore new opportunities. 

          In addition to supporting clients get things right, we also help them in those instances where things go wrong. More than ever, non-compliance with environmental requirements or a failure to address potential liabilities can carry significant financial penalties and reputational risks for businesses.

          Our team has particular expertise in relation to:

          • Water Quality and Pollution
          • Permitting Requirements
          • Contamination Issues
          • Waste Management
          • Product Packaging Requirements
          • Regulatory Investigations/Enforcement Action.

          Whatever the challenge, wherever is arises, we are confident that we can add value to your business.

          David Egan

          • Partner // Head of Environment (UK)

          Nick Barker

          • Senior Associate
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.
          DWF Forensic

          DWF Forensic

          DWF Forensic is a team of experienced, qualified forensic accountants and investigators, with ‘Big Four’ accounting expertise.