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          Environmental Regulation

          Environmental compliance obligations are becoming increasingly complex. As one of the largest and most successful providers of legal business services in the UK, we can help you deal with any environmental issues.

          Our specialist environmental team has extensive experience (including in-house) in this area and we act for utilities, developers, landowners, construction companies, manufacturers, waste management operators, banks and housing associations providing legal environmental advice on a broad range of projects.

          Examples of our work include:

          • Defending criminal prosecutions relating to water pollution.Defending criminal prosecutions relating to waste packaging.
          • Advising a construction and demolition company on legal requirements for recycling of ships in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
          • Providing detailed advice on contaminated land issues for manufacturers and obtaining environmental insurance.
          • Acting for a demolition company regarding a water pollution prosecution by the Environment Agency. 
          • Acting for a waste management company in relation to odour and disposal of waste issues.
          •  Acting for and advising Local Authorities and the Homes and Communities Agency in relation to contaminated land issues.
          • Advising in connection with an investigation by the Environment Agency of a Distribution Network Operator in respect of deposits of lead based paint during steel tower refurbishment.
          • Advising on threats of private prosecution in relation to the environmental enforcement regime, particularly deposits of waste on land.
          • Advising on unlawful waste deposits by third parties on a client's land, including negotiating voluntary remedial actions to forestall enforcement action in cases where clean-up costs exceeded £1 million.
          • Advising a national retailer on the producer responsibility for waste packaging regime, including liability for franchisee waste packaging, potential enforcement actions and the enforcement undertaking regime for self-reported settlements.
          • Advising clients and carrying out due diligence in relation to the environmental permitting and enforcement regimes.
          • Advising developers on trade effluent liabilities under the Water Resources Act 1991 and successfully achieving a result of no further action.
          • Dealing with threats of prosecution by a local drainage board in connection with allegations of interference with the water course, successfully achieving a result of no further action
          • Advising on legal and regulatory obligations for transfer, retrieval and storage of radioactive substances in various jurisdictions around the World.
          • Advising on definition of waste issues for an energy company and the potential impact of the Waste Incineration Directive and the Environmental Permitting Regulations Acting for claimants in a Judicial Review claim on the Environment Agency’s hydropower policy.
          • Providing Environmental Legislation Registers for companies to comply with ISO 14001 requirements-covering Contaminated Land, WEEE, RoHS, Waste Packaging and REACH.


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          David Egan

          • Partner // Joint Head of Environment
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