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          Regulatory Compliance Law & Investigations

          Businesses today face increasingly complex legislation. The government and independent agencies can demand corporate investigations if it is suspected that a business and its employees are in breach of any regulation. We defend and do everything we can to protect both.

          DWF - the regulatory compliance law firm

          Our Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations team provide advice on environmental and food regulations, retail law, bribery, advertising, transport, care and safe guarding and nuclear decommissioning. We also work on private prosecutions where the police and the CPS do not prosecute, along with general crime.

          Health & Safety Regulatory Compliance Law

          As a leading regulatory compliance law firm, health and safety regulation is one of our key strengths. We are very well respected and are ranked by Chambers as the number one legal team in the UK. We work with many FTSE 100 companies and have provided expert advice after incidents including the Didcot power station collapse and the Bosley flour mill explosion. When disasters strike we implement our crisis response service which brings together specialist consultants including lawyers, PR specialists, clinical psychologists, IT forensics specialists and industry bodies as well as consultants specialising in safeguarding online reputation. Find out More >

          Health, Social Care & Education

          We deal with matters ranging from abuse and safeguarding issues to more general health and safety incidents. When we take on a case or investigation for a client we understand the multi-agency approach and can successfully manage the emotional and employee well-being aspects. We introduce our crisis response service, help clients through the entire process and also respond directly to the press. We are also experienced in challenging inspection gradings and have helped a number of clients to get on a better footing in relation to the external reflection of their business. 
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          Food Regulation

          We are one of the few regulatory compliance law firms in the UK that can truly offer clients a full legal service when it comes to food regulation. We help clients from the initial launch of a new product and throughout the product life cycle. When clients face a product challenge, whether that be a marketing or food standards issue, we have successfully challenged adverse rulings. Where possible, we try to avoid court at all costs and make sure our clients' brands are protected. Where a piece of food regulation is particularly challenging, we will talk directly to the Regulators and the Public Affairs Consultancy. Find out More >


          We know that environmental regulation is at the forefront of our clients' agenda and that in recent years they have had to deal with increasingly complex obligations in relation to environmental compliance. Our specialist environmental team have extensive experience and represent clients who are under investigation by the Environmental Agency and local authorities. Find out More >

          Corporate Investigation

          The demands of shareholders, investors, employees and regulators, plus the modern day corporate governance approach to business ethics, all demand a transparent and comprehensive response to any internal investigation that relates to regulatory or compliance issues. For our clients, we manage an investigation throughout all stages. This has a number of benefits including legal privilege and providing clients with a real route cause analysis of a failure so that lessons can be learnt and changes implemented. Find out More >


          Haulage and coach companies have an obvious need for transport regulatory advice, however where we find our expertise is of most importance is to those clients who don’t necessarily operate vehicles as their primary business, such as retailers, manufacturers, construction companies and utility companies, who all have a requirement to transport their goods. Our team help clients with all aspects of operator licensing, ranging from applying for an operator licence, making any changes to an operator licence or if things go wrong assisting the company when they face losing their licence. Find out More >

          Private Prosecutions

          A private prosecution is a prosecution started by a private individual, or entity who/which is not acting on behalf of the police or other prosecuting authority. In recent years more and more individuals and companies are pursuing this course of action. This is due in part to resource constraints experienced by the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). If you are considering a private prosecution then our private prosecution team at DWF can help. 
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          Meet our team

          Steffan Groch

          • Partner // Head of Regulatory

          Paul Matthews

          • Partner // Head of Regulatory (Yorkshire and North East)

          Vikki Woodfine

          • Partner // Head of Road Transport & Logistics // Head of Regulatory Compliance & Investigations (North West)

          Dominic Watkins

          • Partner // Head of Food Group

          Hilary Ross

          • Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality // Executive Partner (London)

          Joanne Witheford

          • Deputy Head of Road Haulage & Logistics // Senior Associate

          Jeremy Bird

          • Senior Associate

          David Egan

          • Partner // Head of Environment (UK)

          Anne-Sylvie Vassenaix-Paxton

          • Partner // Head of Oil & Gas

          Dr. Daisy Walzel

          • Partner // Head of Competition (Germany)
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.
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          DWF Forensic

          DWF Forensic is a team of experienced, qualified forensic accountants and investigators, with ‘Big Four’ accounting expertise.