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          DWF Pinpoint

          DWF Pinpoint is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software package that lets you manage multiple portfolios - all in one place.

          You can log in from anywhere, from any device and access, control and measure your asset portfolio information, quickly and simply. You can share information with colleagues or potential buyers and create insightful reports. Put simply, DWF Pinpoint saves time, reduces professional fees and improves risk management.



          Key features and benefits to your business

          • Single source of information for your property portfolio.
          • Secure and accessible from anywhere.
          • Interactive and visual representations of your key data.
          • Ability to share information securely and efficiently.

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          • Time focused activity flags with automatic updating.
          • Enhances data interpretation with customised filters and searches and live reporting.
          • Informs management reporting with information on key trends and asset performance.
          • Ensures portfolios are ready for sale, financing or letting at all times.

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          • Share discrete sections of dwf pinpoint with designated users e.g. investors, buyers.
          • Maintains data continuity if people change teams or leave.
          • Personalise dwf pinpoint to fit the way you and your organisation work.
          • Expert legal advice provided by DWF on any issues arising from managing your portfolios, helping you to optimise your assets and portfolios.

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          For more information download the DWF Pinpoint brochure

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