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          Predictive Analytics Profiling

          Combining predictive data analytics with intelligence and market research leads to invaluable insight for insurers to understand how and why their claims, and opponents, perform as they do and to leverage that insight to optimise claims performance.

          What we do

          Our national Insurance team is underpinned by a market leading consultancy team, including business analysts that focus on interrogating and analysing raw data to provide insightful reports.  Designed to provide meaningful insight that will underpin your overall fraud strategy, our analysis is compiled into profiling reports to assist with the understanding of behaviour patterns and trends, as well as the formation and deployment of effective strategies to counter fraud behaviours. 


          How we do it

          From predictive analytics and toolkits to positively influence claims decision-making, through to opponent profiling, court and trial profiling, as well as portal claims and rehabilitation claims behavioural analysis, and wider claims farming profiling, our clients trust us to be ahead of the curve in terms of the level of data available, as well as to provide innovative, expert advice on how to use it to best effect.

          Key Contact

          Simon White

          Simon White

          Principal Consultant - Data and Predictive Analytics

          We help you to stay ahead of the market

          Operating as part of one of the largest insurance law teams in the UK, with over 200 lawyers, our innovative and unique insight into the data that sits behind claims and industry trends ensures we deliver a unique level of competitive advantage to our clients.   

          Simon White

          • Principal Consultant – Data & Predictive Analytics