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        Motor Insurance Training

        Our Motor teams are based across the country with subject matter experts specialising in all aspects of road traffic accident claims. We are therefore able to offer a comprehensive and convenient training programme that will meet your needs. Please see below some ideas about the types of seminars/training we can provide.

        This session gives you detailed analysis and discussion on claimant’s solicitors, including routes to market and commercially driven heads of claim.

        Credit Hire Workshop
        This session will equip you with an understanding of the relevant test and how to apply in various scenarios. It will also ensure that you know the best approach to offers and that you have the confidence to deal with credit hire claims.

        Diminution Claims Strategy
        This session will provide you with an understanding of diminution claims, the legal position and how to challenge a diminution claim.

        Drafting witness statements in motor claims
        This session will show you best practice for drafting a witness statement, share hints and tips and make you aware of the requirements under the CPR

        Handling Pedestrian Claims
        This session equips you with an overview of pedestrian claims including key concepts, effective claims handling and a case study.

        Insurer Status and Article 75
        This session will equip you with an appreciation of the differing status’, the financial impact this has on you as the insurer and gives you the confidence to address the issues.

        Introduction to Loss of earnings: focusing on short terms losses and self-employed
        This session will equip you to know how to calculate loss of earnings for self-employed claimant’s focusing on claims where there is a short period of loss with a maximum of 6 months.

        Investigating Liability and Contribution in Road Traffic Accidents
        This session will provide you with an introduction to the basics of liability, including typical RTA scenarios. The session will also equip you with the knowledge on how to get investigating right and we will share some of our war stories.

        Liability in Road Traffic Accidents
        This session will help you understand the rights and obligations of road users and the claimant. It will also cover general principles relating to motor liability, knowing what evidcen can be used to establish liability and also provide you with an awareness of different road traffic accident scenarios.

        Lifecycle of a road traffic accident personal injury claim – for beginners
        This session provides a context and an overview of the whole process of a claim from the accident itself through to trial.

        This session provides you with an overview of Medco

        Motor Policy – Voidance and cancellation
        This session will equip you with an understanding of the legal background to cancellation and voidance.

        Quantum in Road Traffic Accidents
        This session equips you will have an overview of the basic principles in relation to damages and specifically looking at General Damages, Special Damages and Payment

        RTA portal
        This session will provide you with an understanding of the RTA portal system and how to handle all aspects of a claim going through the portal.


        Register your interest

        We like to offer bespoke training and so please register your interest so that we can contact you to discuss how we can provide you with the right training that meets your needs and desired outcomes.