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          Specialist Insurance Recoveries

          As part of one of the largest and most well respected insurance teams in the UK, we understand that maximising the recovery of outlay or costs, from third parties, and former policyholders, represents an opportunity to bolster the bottom line.

          Our ability and experience in combining insurance sector and recovery knowledge is unparalleled in the UK. 

          Acting for insurers in cases where there is a possibility of a third-party recovery being made from any made or intimated claim, our specialists are known for getting the best results from the most challenging recoveries cases.

          Based across the DWF office network, we bring together a multi-disciplinary team, made up of insurance, recovery and cost lawyers. We take a collaborative approach, building a tailored team and working alongside insurer clients we use predictive analytics to establish prospects and to inform case plans.

          A return on investment you can measure

          Our Specialist Insurance Recoveries work has a strong track-record for success. In a 12 month period we have closed 607 files, recovering in excess of £2.2m for our insurer clients. This equates to more than £11 recovered, per £1 spent.