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          Fraud Insurance Training

          Our Fraud teams are based across the country with subject matter experts specialising in all aspects of fraudulent claims, including road traffic and employer’s liability claims. We are able to offer a comprehensive and convenient training programme that will meet your needs. Please see below some ideas of the types of seminars/training we can provide.
          Credit Hire and Fraud Awareness
          This session will equip you with an understanding of the changes to the legal market and how these have impacted upon fraudulent cases such as LVIs, exaggerated claims, induced, contrived & staged accidents. There will be a particular focus on fraudulent credit hire, to include phantom credit hire companies and phantom hire.

          Farmed Claims – Fighting Back

          This session discusses routes to market, farmed or coerced claims and how to deal with them.

          Fighting Fraud Economically
          This session will provide an overview of the issues faced with fraud cases in the current climate and how to deal with them effectively and economically.

          Fraud Indicators
          This session looks at what they are, the signs and next steps.

          Fraud Liability Claims
          This session will consider fraud exposure in the context of EL and PL claims. It provides an awareness of the cost implications of fraudulent work and considers why volumes are increasing and how to deal with these cases.

          Fraud Tactics – Using the Civil Procedure Rules to our advantage
          This session looks at using the procedural rules to our advantage in fraud cases. It will consider how to put cases on the best footing, using the rules to narrow the issues and attempts to dispose of the claim.

          Fundamental Dishonesty: QOCS & CJCA
          This session equips you with an understanding of fundamental dishonesty and its relationship with QOCS, and the CJCA. We cover case law, practical examples and ‘at your desk’ tips.

          Insurance Contracts and Indemnity
          This session will equip you with an understanding of an insurers’ obligation including contractual, statutory, and European obligations and will also look at MIB liabilities. There will also be consideration of how to deal with indemnity issues in fraudulent claims and recent changes and trends.

          Low Velocity Impact
          This session will provide you with all you need to know about LVI cases. looking specifically at opposing ideas, evidence, the impact of recent legal changes and how best to run an LVI claim.

          Noise Induced Hearing Loss Fraudulent Behaviours
          This session looks at what fraud could look like in a deafness claim, including possible fraud typology, Fundamental Dishonest in NIHL cases, strategies to adopt, expert evidence and the use of Intelligence.

          Sanctions – Pursuing the Fraudster
          This session will look at both civil and criminal sanctions available in pursuing a fraudulent claimant. Case law, legislation and procedure will be considered.

          Phantom Passengers – An Introduction
          This session will provide you with all you need to know about phantom passengers, including what evidence is needed to successfully defend such claims, and how to obtain such evidence. We will look at case theory and bogus passenger defences and dealing with genuine claimants