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          DWF Forensic Engineering

          DWF Forensic Engineering offers a quick, low-cost claim review to help you determine how to handle motor claims that may be potentially fraudulent, saving time and the cost of instructing independent forensic examinations.

          How it works

          Your claim will be reviewed by our in-house expert who is a reconstruction engineer and collision investigator. Certain types of motor claim can be evaluated to show, for example:

          • Are there discrepancies between the parties’ accounts?
          • Are the levels of damage consistent with the circumstances described?


          By instructing DWF Forensic Engineering on your motor insurance claims, you will receive:

          • A cost-effective, early review on suspected motor fraud cases.
          • An early, unbiased report from a highly experienced expert.
          • A report that assists you in deciding the future handling strategy on a claim, for instance, in determining whether to pay for an independent forensic examination.


          DWF Forensic Engineering is charged at a fixed fee of £125 (+ VAT)

          This fixed-price review service covers:

          • The reported circumstances.
          • The engineers’ or assessors’ reports.
          • The photographs.

          For further information, and an example case report please download our brochure

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          Key Contact

          Tim Alderson

          Tim Alderson

          Accident Reconstruction Expert

          Tim Alderson

          • Accident Reconstruction Expert
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