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          Forensic Accident Reconstruction

          The way in which we investigate how accidents happen is changing from traditional witness evidence and examination to a data-led process. 

          Our Forensic Accident Reconstruction expert has over 25 years' experience of accident reconstruction, analysis and investigation, as well as acting as expert witness.

          From liaising with police and interviewing investigators, scene photography and video recording; processing police plans, and video analysis and speed calculations, through to Tachograph analysis (digital and analogue), airbag event data reading and analysis, and vehicle examination and damage analysis our in-house expertise combined with access to the hard and software solutions means that we can meet your needs precisely.


          Unique in-house expertise

          As the only firm to offer these services in-house, we are able to respond more quickly, manage costs more effectively and tailor our approach, in a way that those outsourcing cannot.

          Tim Alderson

          • Accident Reconstruction Expert