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          PPO Administration

          Removing the burden and headache of PP payment administration by putting it all in one place and managed by experts.

          We understand that any regular financial and administrative process brings with it a workload that gets in the way of ‘the day job’, as well as a risk of fines for late payment and miscalculations. Our fixed-fee Periodical Payment administration service takes that headache, and expense, away.

          Our fixed-fee, monthly PP administration service is designed to help manage and administrate the annual periodical payments that all insurers are required to make.

          You can put all of your PP payment administration in one place, trusting that calculations will be made by a qualified accountant and the process managed, on time, by a specialist claims lawyer, with many years’ experience of handling this type of work.

          Most importantly, this service is delivered for a monthly, fixed-fee meaning that you can rely on an expert service, at a known cost.

          Our PP administrative service follows five distinct steps:

          • Chase up and check the proof of life evidence
          • Effect the recalculation
          • Check the account details haven't changed
          • Agree the recalculation with client and claimant
          • Manage the payment process

          Key Contacts

          Charles Ashmore

          Charles Ashmore


          Dave Young

          David Young


          Genuine experts, there to remove the risk and the burden

          Our clients trust us to manage all steps in the PP administration process, including the recalculation and communications. What sets us apart, however, is the involvement of qualified accountants and specialist insurance lawyers, to ensure that you get the very best, most effective service, for your monthly fee.