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          Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Deafness Claims

          Market leading noise induced hearing loss claims service

          Our NIHL team leads the way in dealing with deafness claims across the UK and Ireland. We work hard to use our technical expertise to strike out claims and recover defense costs.

          We appreciate the need to identify only the right claims to pursue at the earliest stage providing cost effective commercial and strategic advice backed by data and analytics, we take a modern approach

          We aim to protect your interests, prevent claims leakage and provide a service that is self-funding. With tested strategies for striking out claims at an early stage, we take advantage of procedural irregularities to empower our clients to avoid the costs protection provisions enjoyed by Claimants and to recover defense costs.

          What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation, however. Access to insightful reporting, using our suite of management information tools, allows us to tailor bespoke reports targeting your specific requirements. These combine to target problem areas and achieve positive outcomes and financial savings – settling payers quickly and making sure we fight the right battles.

          International industry leaders

          Our approach is collaborative and grounded in many years at the forefront of this area of work.