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        TUPE plays a key role in the legal and HR aspects of commercial contracts and matters, including outsourcings and insourcings.

        Being complicated to understand and apply, TUPE needs expert input to guide clients through the various potential pitfalls, to reduce the risk of costly claims and penalties arising from the restrictions which apply to changes to terms and conditions and dismissals, to the obligations to inform and consult the workforce.

        Our TUPE specialists advise a range of public and private clients across a wide range of sectors including the IT, retail, transport, catering, security, logistics, and professional services sectors on all types of matters involving TUPE, from straightforward purchasing contracts to large complex outsourcings. Our team will help you successfully navigate the TUPE minefield, and we will deliver practical solutions to the various TUPE problems by assisting you with:

        • Early stage planning, risk analysis and strategic input on the implications of TUPE
        • Drafting and negotiating contractual provisions to moderate the effect of TUPE and reflect the commercially agreed position and allocation of risk
        • Complying with information and consultation requirements , and training staff representatives
        • Transfer-related redundancies and harmonisation issues.

        Andrew Chamberlain

        • Partner // Head of Employment & Chair of the SDE

        Helga Breen

        • Partner // Head of Employment (London)

        Kirsty Rogers

        • Partner // Executive Partner (Manchester) & Head of Client Development

        Kate Meadowcroft

        • Director // Head of Employment (Birmingham)

        Tim Scott

        • Head of Employment (Liverpool) // Partner