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          Data Protection & Privacy Law

          Changes to the GDPR and e-Privacy regime can present an opportunity for businesses to review and improve how they monetise customer data records. Compliance enhances the relationship of trust with customers and employees and increases shareholder value.

          Our data protection and privacy specialists are recognised for their expertise in helping at all stages of the data cycle. We have particular strength in the retail, consumer finance and technology sectors, we provide a range of market-leading solutions, designed to fit needs and budgets.

          Our depth of knowledge and distinctively approachable style of working sets us apart. Whether conducting compliance gap analysis or training, advising on how companies need to change their practices to meet the requirements of the law, devising strategies for increasing the commercial value of data, providing advice across HR related issues, dealing with complex international data flows and implementing privacy enhancing techniques with the organisation, we are committed to providing an excellent, solutions-based approach, grounded in innovation.

          The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in place. View our hub for essential advice from our data protection experts and make sure your business is compliant with the new regime. Visit our GDPR hub to find out more >

          Anne-Sylvie Vassenaix-Paxton

          • Partner // Head of Oil & Gas

          Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

          • Partner // Certified Attorney in Information Technology // Global Head of Technology

          Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. (Informationsrecht)

          • Partner // Certified Attorney in Information Technology

          Jamie Taylor

          • Senior Management Director

          Nicole van Leenen

          • Data Protection & Privacy Specialist

          Ita Thomas

          • Associate Solicitor
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.