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        DWF Conforma

        DWF Conforma is designed to help you navigate your business through complying with the new FCA regulatory regime. It provides a flexible and cost-effect means of understanding how compliant your business is.

        How can DWF Conforma help your business?

        Featuring an online audit tool, an eLearning training programme and face to face legal advice, DWF Conforma allows you to quickly assess your business’s readiness for the new FCA regime, and offers a menu of solutions which can be used individually or as a complete package to ensure that your business is fully compliant.

        DWF Conforma is a very fast and effective way of a business obtaining a health check of their current position with regard to the transition to the FCA. Having a checklist of items and actions to focus the mind in order to ensure the business is ready to face the challenges of the new regime.
        – Richard Kernick, Santander Consumer (UK) plc

        Online Audit Tool

        The online audit tool is a simple-to- use online questionnaire which allows you to quickly assess your business, systems, practices and procedures and offers a bespoke solution aimed at the specific needs of your business. Find out more about this on our Consumer Credit site.

        E-learning Programme

        Ensuring that your employees are up to date with the new FCA regulations and providing a service which is compliant with the new requirements is of vital importance. DWF Conforma’s e-learning programme provides a quick and efficient means of ensuring that all of your employees are kept up to date with training in the key areas of FCA regulation. Find out more about this on our Consumer Credit site

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