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        DWF Funded Adjudication

        Adjudication is a popular, specialist forum for the resolution of construction and engineering disputes. It is a 35-day process and the adjudicator’s decision is binding unless and until it is overturned by litigation, arbitration or final agreement.

        Adjudication can be an attractive alternative when compared to other methods of dispute resolution such as litigation or arbitration, which can typically take between eighteen months and two years to complete. However, the fact that parties traditionally had to bear their own solicitors costs was a major commercial obstacle to the referral to adjudication of lower value, straightforward payment disputes – which is precisely the kind of matters that adjudication was designed for. 

        As a result of recent changes in the law, we can now act on damages based agreements in these type of disputes. This makes the process more cost effective as we share the risks of adjudication with our clients and only get paid if our clients are successful.


        • A quick, low-risk solution for the recovery of straightforward, low-value debts due under a construction contract.
        • Clients only pay our legal fees if they are successful in recovering sums in the adjudication.
        • Unlike the advice of claims consultants, our advice and communications with clients attracts ‘legal advice privilege’ meaning that it does not need to be disclosed to the other side or the Court in any subsequent court proceedings.
        • Adjudication is often a more cost effective and quicker alternative to litigation and arbitration.

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