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        DWF Consulting - Data Analytics

        DWF Consulting offers specialist R&D insight and expertise - delivering detailed, data-driven insight into the challenges and opportunities featuring on your commercial horizon.


        Our data analytics specialists work with you to understand a range of data sets, using DWF’s own systems and software to draw together an understanding of the commercial world in which you operate. Whether presenting a more general picture or helping to prove (or disprove) a theory you’d like to test, we help you make more informed decisions when planning for the future.

        Our predictive analytics process: concept (when we ask what we want to predict and why); modelling (when we test predictor variables available in raw structured data for their statistical influence on the defined outcome); and platforming (when we test the predictive model in the live environment and then code the model into the appropriate platform).

        Our approach

        Our approach is distinctively collaborative. We want you to feel that we’re an extension of your in-house management team. Whether looking for improvements to the ways you service existing customers and clients, or imagining a world where you aren’t (perhaps) constrained by the things that constrain you now) our work is grounded in having gone through this process ourselves.

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        Stripping out unnecessary areas of waste, implementing new technologies, challenging business norms to be more efficient, improving overall customer satisfaction or reducing risk in processes that are failing to deliver the outcomes you want; we make it our business to apply our commercial skills and experience to help you along the path to sustainable business change. Find out more >
        We think about business problems and opportunities differently, exploring existing problems, applying exciting, creative, divergent thinking techniques and giving you the tools you need to approach things completely differently. Find out more >
        We are passionate about helping you establish stronger control of your business by harnessing and using data in more innovative and advanced ways - whether that means predicting behaviours, informing decision making, reducing risk or improving returns. Find out more >
        Our technology advisory service isn’t affiliated to any software or hardware provider - merely to what’s best for you. We scan the market, build requirements, and highlight the path for next steps, making sure you get a technology solution that is the perfect fit for your business. Find out more >

        Insurance expertise 

        Providing insight into the behaviours of opponents, levels of damages and case lifecycles, our data analytics expertise enhances knowledge and helps insurers to make better decisions, quicker. Acting for some of the largest insurers in the UK, we have built, and maintain, one of the most exhaustive personal injury claims data sets available. From diagnosis of issues through to development and deployment of data-led solutions and measuring the effectiveness of this work, we present an end-to-end solution that quantifies savings and improves decision-making.

        Combining data analytics and legal understanding, we are known for delivering innovative solutions in relation to everything from medical expert and case data, through to measuring fraud to identify areas of suspect behaviour, inflation and how many of your competitors are experiencing the same trends.

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        Key information

        Managing risk

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        Simon White

        • Principal Consultant – Data & Predictive Analytics