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          DWF Compliance

          Our team of experts in DWF Compliance have many years of regulatory, compliance, risk, governance, and fiduciary experience in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands and Samoa.


          We provide compliance, advisory and practical solutions to organisations and private clients. Operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands and Samoa, our team of experts has many years of regulatory, compliance, risk, governance and fiduciary experience.

          Internal audit

          Our internal audit addresses areas such as:

          • The adequacy of an organisation’s AML/CFT policies, procedures and controls in identifying ML/TF risks, addressing the identified risks and complying with laws, regulations and notices.
          • The effectiveness of an organisation’s employees and officers in implementing the organisation’s policies, procedures and controls.

          Our other compliance services include:

          • Anti-money laundering advice and assessments
          • Regulatory and compliance services
          • Data protection compliance (PDPA and GDPR)
          • OECD common reporting standards compliance
          • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
          • Anti-bribery and corruption compliance

          Our key sectors

          We provide support to:

          • Corporate service providers (Filing Agents)
          • Trust and fiduciary service providers
          • Remittance agents
          • Financial institutions
          • Private clients
          • Commercial businesses



          Proposed AML/CFT regulatory regime for Precious Stones and Metals Dealers (“PSMDs”)

          Partner Insight by Glen Chee

          Money laundering & terrorist financing is not just a concern for banks. Other smaller financial business such as trust companies, remittance payment companies, and auction businesses are used by criminals to launder their illegal proceeds. The Financial Action Task Force had previously highlighted that dealers in precious stones and metals are especially vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing. 

          Download here or visit www.hubbis.com


          Glen Chee

          • Director // Head of Compliance Services (Singapore)


          • Compliance Associate