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          DWF 360 EvoNotify

          DWF EvoNotify is the always-available, mobile app instant notification tool that enables you to notify the right people at the right time. It is modular system so you can use what you need when you want it. Request a Demo

          DWF 360 EvoNotify


          The modular instant notifications mobile app for responsive, decisive communications

          • Raise alerts or log inspections into any of our Evo Software Solutions or log to your own back office risk software solutions: Instant notifications, always ready, available, and on-demand.
          • Accident, incident or near miss notification: Immediate, ready and available mobile app identification and submission.
          • Claim notification: Claim notification with the right information at the right time, on demand.
          • Audit / Inspection: Guided audit and inspection questions online or offline.
          • Policy, compliance, and risk assessment document distribution: Always ensure your key documentation is distributed, delivered, and digested.
          • Crisis response: Controlled, managed crisis alerting when you need it most.

          DWF EvoNotify integrates with a robust suite of market-leading products, pre-built and ready to be configured to your organisation's needs.


          All of our products are built on our EvoSuite platform which offers cost to build benefits through a bespoke configuration approach. You can our platform to solutionise and rapidly configure a system to your own business needs, creating a 100% fit, at an enterprise level.

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          Crisis response in more detail

          Instantly invoking legal privilege and raising the crisis alert when you need it most

          A serious data breach? A fatality on your premise? The media camped outside your building? Decisions that are made in the first hours of a crisis often have impacts that resonate for years both personally and reputationally.

          A crisis is a time for clear thinking; we facilitate order, from the moment you activate your Crisis Response mobile app, backed by the DWF Crisis Team, our EvoNotify solution alerts all pre-identified key people, invokes legal privilege and has a full audit of activity for tracking and traceability of a timeline of events and actions.

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          Ashley Moss

          • CEO, DWF 360

          Gary Goodman

          • Head of Business Development, DWF 360