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          EvoClaim is our market-leading software with intelligent fraud detection for claims managers in the public and private sectors. Our cloud-based solution covers the entire claim lifecycle and includes automated reporting.

          Market-leading efficiency

          EvoClaim provides access to vital information, immediately speeding up effective identification of suspicious claims through our intelligent software approach to fraud analytics. Efficiency is at the heart of the system with a feature-rich suite of options designed to streamline every possible workflow task. Managers have access to real-time performance data and automated reporting options.

          Market-leading information resource

          Collaborate, communicate, delegate and track securely across departments and 3rd parties, claimants and solicitors including the option of text messages direct to mobile phones.  The system is cloud-based to stay faithful to version control as well as offering a highly secure environment. Essentially, it is a document repository which can contain Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and even video and photo evidence.

          Market-leading integration

          The entire solution is legacy system friendly which means it can dovetail easily into older, “clunkier” systems as well as newly deployed ones. We build on the Microsoft technology stack which is the most popular, secure and robust framework available. This creates a smoother on boarding experience for your IT team and your end users who will find the system “familiar feeling” and intuitive.

          Your mission critical goals

          • Easier fraud detection
          • Faster Claims processing
          • Easy cloud-based access
          • Correspondence handling
          • Quick, flexible setup
          • Automated reporting
          • Heatmap trend analysis
          • GDPR ready
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack
          • Legacy system friendly

          Ashley Moss

          • CEO, DWF 360

          Gary Goodman

          • Head of Business Development at DWF 360