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          As the technology arm of DWF, we help you use technology to reduce your costs and improve customer service. Our suite of market leading risk mitigation products are all built on our robust, scaleable, and flexible software platform, EvoSuite.

          Streamline & Protect

          DWF 360 has developed a suite of fully configurable software that allows you to centralise your monitoring of checks and auditing, as well as to customise alerting systems and to streamline your incident reporting.

          Our end-to-end approach is grounded in managing the entire process of software implementation and set up. We have provided solutions to a variety of clients including insurers, brokers, retailers, energy companies and legal firms, as well as the public sector, local government and housing associations. We truly understand the language of insurance and risk and can successfully translate it into practical, intuitive software.


          Reduce Time & Cost whilst Ensuring Compliance

          • Identify potential fraud in real-time
          • Improve efficiencies to reduce cost
          • Increase process compliance
          • Resource saving
          • One version of the truth
          • Improved data security and integrity
          • Support for mobile/agile work force


          Proven, Scaleable and Flexible Software Platform


          Configuration not development is the fastest way to ensure a cost-effective delivery and onboarding of your new software. Because our EvoSuite platform is pre-built, your budget can be better spent on the areas that ensure a perfect fit; consultancy, link to your other systems, project management and configuration.

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          Our Products

          Everyday, our software ensures the smooth processing of thousands of transactions and claim actions. The choice of many major insurers, EvoClaim has a heritage rooted in risk mitigation, intelligent fraud detection, collaboration and process streamlining. An enterprise capable claims management software platform EvoClaim is feature rich and covers the entire claim lifecycle - from first notice of loss through to settlement and claim file closure - and includes a host of automated reporting to ensure in-house or self-insured high excess claims are settled quickly to standards and compliance.


          Addressing Your Mission Critical Goals


          • Easier fraud detection
          • Faster claims processing
          • Easy cloud-based access
          • Correspondence handling
          • Quick, flexible setup
          • Automated reporting
          • Heatmap trend analysis
          • GDPR ready
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack
          • Legacy system friendly





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          EvoSafe is the perfect preventative action software product for any workplace with a high or varied health and safety risk. From tracking key actions across multiple sites to specific onboarding of an individual, EvoSafe covers you where a spreadsheet or an old software system may not. EvoSafe covers the entire compliance lifecycle, including risk prevention, effective process management, collecting your monitoring and auditing data, incident notification, more robust and speedy accident investigation processes and can be coupled with a robust claims solution. With powerful self-build reporting and Management Information, via a wide array of reportable fields, you have instant access to the information you need, when you want it and how you want it - to save you time, money and protect your brand.


          Addressing Your Mission Critical Goals


          • Mobile incident notification
          • Risk & compliance documentation distribution tracking
          • Multi-site
          • Continuous improvement
          • Training tracking
          • Site induction & onboarding
          • Audit & inspections
          • Crisis response
          • Document repository & correspondence handling
          • Easy cloud-based access
          • Quick, flexible setup
          • Automated reporting
          • Heatmap trend analysis
          • GDPR ready
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack 



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            EvoNotify provides mobile alerting and awareness for your enterprise, it is the “always available” instant notification tool. Its modular configuration allows you to use what you need and want and really address the core issues facing your distributed organisation. “Anyone, anytime” using the EvoNotify app can capture near misses, accidents, submit a claim, raise a crisis alert, carry out inspections and read and digest the latest risk, policy or compliance material, all automatically distributed based on user role and business need. By having the EvoNotify app available for your teams, employees, sub-contractors or customers, you can increase engagement, reduce risk and identify trends on near misses or if/how risk assessments or compliance documents are being adhered to.


            Common notifications and alerts


            • Accident, incident or near miss notification
            • Claim notification
            • Audits / inspections
            • Crisis response
            • Policy, compliance and risk assessment document distribution



            You can also connect EvoNotify with our various legal services to create a series of effective responsive actions.


             Crisis Response is controlled, managed crisis alerting when you need it most. Here we have provided a diagram explaining how crisis response can be activated to support your operation during the immediate aftermath of an incident.





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            Alongside our suite of products, we support own systems and for our clients with a number of technical and IT infrastructure services:

            • Cloud Services migration and managed
            • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
            • Colocation (colo)
            • Office 365 migration, support and procurement
            • Security & Data Protection (Cyber and GDPR)
            • Desktop & Server Support
            • Virtualisation and Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
            • Networking

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            Ashley Moss

            • CEO, DWF 360

            Gary Goodman

            • Head of Business Development, DWF 360

            Neil Harris

            • Head of Technical Services, DWF 360

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